After a dispute about the future of Condell St park a few years back, its future as a local park was secured in 2010 with a 50 year lease. Earlier this year the City of Yarra announced a proposed redesign of Condell St park, and submissions closed last month.

At the time I thought that there is nothing wrong with the park as it is – it is not broken and so does not need fixing or significant alteration. The plans seem like a waste of money – creating work that simply does not need to be done. And in some aspects, such as the removal of boundary fences, it seems to create a possible danger to children.

A group of local residents, led by Wardlow art residence founder Brodie Higgs, have created a Facebook group protesting against the proposed design and have suggested a different design. They have a meeting with the council this Wednesday to discuss the issue. If you’d like to contribute comment on Facebook or copy and paste the text below and email it to the council.

Dear Fiona O’Byrne and The City of Yarra,

Along with the (to date) 150 resident signatories to The Condell Common’s alternative plan, the owners of Condell Street Park (the people) further request you listen to our wishes for our small park.

We would like the preservation of an inner-city Fitzroy sanctuary that is cherished for its trees and grass and absence of ‘development’. We request the maximisation of grass to sit on and the sustainable plantation of trees so people of all ages can sit under and enjoy being around them for generations to come.

We appreciate your time and effort in further developing the park as a great place for all, but Condell Street Park is small and very important, and we, the people, want Fiona O’Byrne and The City of Yarra to listen to the following:



NO LANDSCAPING DESIGN! (including any ‘built up’ council design features or garden beds)

NO LEVELLING! (including to the small molehill nearest Napier St)

MINIMAL PATHS! (any that are absolutely necessary be made from granite sand)

10 MORE TREES (2 Chinese Elms, 1 Kurrajong Bottle Tree, 1 Lilly Pilly, 6 Dwarf Magnolias)

CONSIDERATION FOR CHILD SAFETY (a fence and no concrete)

SEND TO:​.au.

the future of Condell St park

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