It is now more than two weeks after I published detailed correspondence between myself and the City of Yarra about the issue of cafes and restaurants being unreasonably blocked from offering outdoor seating and the City of Yarra still has not published any news or information about the issue.

It continues to rely on the commercial media to act as its public relations agency with embarrassing consequences. In a follow-up article, the Melbourne Times Weekly reveals that elected councilors are now acting to override the arbitrary and illogical decisions of council bureaucrats to ensure that business applications are processed fairly (in other words to stop giving businesses grounds to sue the council for unlawful restrictions on trade).

The council itself continues to say nothing. The Grace Darling hotel has been blocked from trading on its side street for some time and council removed the permanent furniture the pub had installed there lawfully at their own expense. I think the Grace Darling would have grounds for suing for loss of income and damage to property in these circumstances. I’d like to see the council forced to replace this furniture.

the controversy over outdoor tables – the silence of the City of Yarra is overwhelming

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