Two recent news stories have made me extremely angry. As an atheist and a citizen of a secular state I am frustrated at the extent to which illegal behaviour is excused by religious belief. The laws of the state trump religious rules and religious belief is no excuse for breaking the law, but unfortunately the openmindedness of Australian society is being taken advantage of by vile bigots.

In the first case, a woman made a false statement to the police to the effect that she had been assaulted by a police officer because of her religious beliefs. Due to a lack of established process in checking the identity of complainants (to confirm their identity), the woman escaped conviction on appeal for basically attempting to pervert justice. What a joke. She used to her religious values to attempt to corrupt the state. This should not be accepted.

In the second example, private schools allegedly sheltered teachers who sexually abused students and helped them flee the country before they could be investigated. They allowed the children in their care to be raped because the rapists shared their faith, and reporting believers to the secular state is considered by these believers to be a betrayal of their community. How disgusting. Every person involved in this fundamental betrayal of their duty of care should be brutally punished. An eye for an eye. That’s in their book.

Australia is a secular state. Respect the law. If you want to live in a religious state, fuck off to the dark ages elsewhere.

religion vs the state

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