I last did a recommendations post in April and questioned whether it would be my last as I had noticed a decline in blog posts about Fitzroy. I think the blogging phenomenon has passed its zenith and is generally in decline as the simplicity and ease of use of social platforms meets the needs of many casual content creators. I expect that managing a platform will become a niche activity mainly for serious or professional online publishers.

In the month since, however, more content has been posted and I have enough links to do another recommendations post. It may be that there will be enough for a post every second month. So here’s my Fitzroy recommendations for April and May:

  • The burger adventure likes Yong green food on Brunswick St
  • Travelling in Mary Janes reviews the Provincial hotel on the corner of Johnston and Brunswick streets
  • Half eaten reviews Houndstooth on Johnston St
  • Nouveau potato reviews Shire cafe on Victoria St
  • Melbournian girl reviews the Union Club hotel and other Offspring filming locations
  • Multicultural Melbourne reviews Naked for Satan on Brunswick St
  • By the river dark in Babylon discusses fabric shopping in Fitzroy
  • Poeticise reminisces about the local poetry scene in the 1980s
  • Ray is always hungry reviews Hooked and Bimbo Deluxe on Brunswick St
  • Food cautious likes the macarons at Shocolate on Johnston St
  • Adrienne also likes Shocolate
  • Knog has great photos of Rose St art
  • Broken lense reviews Danny’s Burgers on St George’s Rd North Fitzroy
  • Neff reviews Casa Iberica on Johnston St
  • Juganaut likes Little Creatures on Brunswick St and Sonido on Gertrude St
  • The mindful foodie reviews lunch at Huxtable on Smith St
  • Food Chee reviews Little Creatures on Brunswick St


June recommendations

3 thoughts on “June recommendations

  • 9 June 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Wow, thanks for the shout out! In light of finding out that not many people are writing about the wonderful Fitzroy, I’ll endeavour to write a bit more – it’s one of my favourite foodie areas in Melbourne :)

  • 9 June 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Hey, thanks for listing my Huxtable review! I did one on Josie bones (in May), in case you’re interested.

    I dine out frequently in Fitzroy, so will be doing more in future if they fit in with the mindful foodie theme.

    Thanks again!

    Lesh :)


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