I’ve wanted to attend the Pierre Roelofs’ dessert degustation since it was at Monsieur Truffe on Smith St, and I’ve read each subsequent review from its current location at Cafe Rosamond on Charles St with increasing longing. Finally I got there last night and I was extremely impressed. The desserts are extraordinary, the staff organised and professional and the atmosphere is lovely.

You can choose between 1 ($20) and 3 ($40) courses with an optional dessert tube ($9) as well. Of course my friend and I chose all 4! We began with the tube, which was sweet but also tart – something like strawberry cheescake with rhubarb.

rosamonddessert1 Pierre Roelofs dessert degustation at Cafe Rosamond

You need to get there by 6.45pm or so and queue to ensure you get in the door when it opens at 7pm because the cafe is tiny. Otherwise you’ll be in for quite a long wait. Our first course was peach, saffron and cheesecake (below).

rosamonddessert2 Pierre Roelofs dessert degustation at Cafe Rosamond

My favourite course was the second, which was sweet parsnip soup (below) – actually more of a custard or mousse – with croissant crumbs and toasted almonds. It also contained treacle or golden syrup and was utterly amazing.

rosamonddessert3 Pierre Roelofs dessert degustation at Cafe Rosamond

By the third course my tastebuds were starting to be overwhelmed with sweetness, and the final course of fig and apple (below) was good in part because it was richer and intense enough to distinguish itself from the previous courses.

rosamonddessert4 Pierre Roelofs dessert degustation at Cafe Rosamond

The reviews are plentiful and almost entirely positive: It pleases us, Mel hot or not, Eat drink stagger, Zhungyi, I’m so hungry, Ihua, Bright copper kettle and Nutmegs cafe. With coffees the cost can exceed $50 per person, but for such a fabulous experience, with exquisite flavours and meticulous presentation,  it’s completely worth it.

The only change I’d like to see would be for a dessert wine to accompany the meal, but Rosamond does not have a liquor license. It would be rude to sneak in a hip flask of botrytis riesling or Pedro Ximénez but I’d like to!

Pierre Roelofs dessert degustation at Cafe Rosamond

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