Rize Chinese restaurant is one of those strange almost invisible places on Brunswick St which, despite a good location, seems to struggle for customers and recognition. No food bloggers have reviewed it as far as I can see and when I included it as a contestant in a previous ‘tell me where to go’ poll it didn’t win. One of the things I try to do with Fitzroyalty is to review and discuss anything of relevance to the Fitzroy community, regardless of its popularity. So when a friend recently requested yum cha, I though Rize deserved a visit for their weekend only $15.80 all you can eat yum cha.

rize1 yum cha at Rize on Brunswick St

Arriving soon after 11am on Saturday, we were only the second table in the restaurant, which slowly built to about half full in the time we were there. As it’s a relatively small place, there’s no trolley. You are given a form containing a list of dishes and you tick the ones you want, then repeat until you admit defeat. We started with prawn toast, spring rolls, ginger and shallot wontons, greens in oyster sauce and scallop dumplings. The spring rolls came with what we were surprised to find was tomato sauce!

rize2 yum cha at Rize on Brunswick St

We then explored the dumplings more deeply – small beef ones that came with chilli oil dipping sauce, seafood (prawn and corn mainly), more scallop ones (the outstanding ones in my opinion), more ginger shallot wontons, other tasty beef dumplings and excellent buns filled with delicious hoi sin pork.

rize3 yum cha at Rize on Brunswick St

Given it was relatively quiet the service wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t bad. The tomato sauce suggests it’s not the most authentic place to go for yum cha in Melbourne and, compared to larger places in Chinatown, the range is limited. But it is mostly very good, and the scallop dumplings and pork buns were as good as any I’ve had.

The tea was also lovely and refreshing – I’m no expect on tea but I thought it was particularly good. On reflection I was very pleased with Rize, and plan now to return to try the normal menu. The food was more than acceptable and, as far as I tell, it’s the only place offering yum cha in Fitzroy (I don’t think Old Kingdom or Mao’s offer it). $15.80 all you can eat yum cha at Rize is a unique, affordable and enjoyable Saturday Brunswick St lunch.

yum cha at Rize on Brunswick St

3 thoughts on “yum cha at Rize on Brunswick St

  • 26 May 2011 at 7:29 pm

    And $5 for 2 beers! Went for the first time recently and was pleasantly surprised.

  • 12 September 2011 at 7:40 pm

    When i was out side “Yum cha at rize on Brunswick st” i was not expecting to have a good lunch. when we ordered our all you can eat for 15$ me and my friends were surprised how nice the staff was, they would have a chat with us while we wait, they would put the dish on our table very nicely. the food was also very great, while i was there i just wish i was not full because i wanted to keep eating i loved it so much


  • 16 April 2012 at 1:17 pm

    My friends and I were quiet excited to have all you can eat yum cha for $15 however we were not at all impressed with the service and slightly disappointed with the food. The restaurant had a tick box service, where you had to tick the individual items which you wanted to order, however when we originally enquired about this “system” as it was our first time, the waiter didn’t pay attention to us, he simply took the form from us without even glancing at it. Had he looked he would have realized that we were asking him a question and didn’t order anything at all. We ended up speaking to a younger waiter who gave us the time of day and explained everything. But when we ordered our food we got 1 plate of dumplings and didn’t get anything else for 45 minutes when people who had come in after us already got there food. When we finally got our food the order was wrong. We rated the service 2 out of 5. The food was average, we didn’t expect very much from all you can eat yum cha, but we didn’t expect the prawn dumpling to be over steamed, the scallop dumpling to contain hard pastry which was not even chewable, the veggie spring rolls, although cooked well to taste like nothing else but cabbage and the noodles bland tasting only of soya sauce and bean sprouts 2 1/2 out of 5 for food. I do not intend to ever go back.


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