The long lunch is a rarity for me, but when the opportunity comes it has to be taken. I went to lunch at Dino’s on Chapel St Windsor with colleagues recently and enjoyed a fabulous meal. The menu is tapas style and we indulged ourselves with many dishes. My favourite was the kingfish ceviche with pomegranate (below) but all the dishes we tried were delicious.

dinos8 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

Eggplant fries.

dinos1 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

Green beans in a spicy tomato sauce.

dinos2 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

Heirloom baby tomatoes with goats cheese.

dinos3 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

Cured salmon with beetroot.

dinos4 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

Potatoes with a mild spicy sauce.

dinos5 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

The duck chorizo with pear was absolutely amazing.

dinos6 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

Beef meatballs in tomato sauce with crusty bread.

dinos7 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

Tender plump calamari with mayonnaise and lemon.

dinos9 lunch at Dino's in Windsor

I understand that Dino’s is undergoing a partial revitalisation with new ownership and a new chef to come, but the staff are ongoing and very good at their job. It’s a curious space with various tables in spaces that provide varying degrees of privacy, so it can be either quite open or private depending on where you’re sitting.

The menu is diverse with familiar dishes like calamari alongside more unusual ones like the duck chorizo. The wine list is good too – we enjoyed an Argentinian cabernet malbec with our meal. Dino’s is open from breakfast through to late in the evening, which makes it ideal to visit if you’re going to the nearby Red Stitch theatre or the Astor cinema.

Accessibility is good at Dino’s, at least on the ground floor (there is an upstairs bar and function room). Changes in floor elevation are made with gentle ramps with those raised dimples to mark the edges (I don’t know their proper name) and the toilet is wheelchair accessible with lots of space and a very wide door.

Apart from an old Age review and a few positive Urbanspoon reviews, Dino’s seems to have been overlooked by Melbourne’s food bloggers. Southsiders, how come I managed to get in ahead of you?

Disclosure: Dino’s is co-owned by a former colleague and the meal was paid for by my employer.

lunch at Dino’s in Windsor

One thought on “lunch at Dino’s in Windsor

  • 18 April 2011 at 11:53 am

    I like Dino’s it reminds me of the old Gypsy Bar on Brunswick street, before it changed ownership a few years ago. Eggplant chips, laid back staff that know what they are doing and GOOD coffee.


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