I found myself at Tandoori Times on Gertrude St with a friend a few weeks ago. I’d eaten there years ago and had not been particularly impressed, but we were in the mood for Indian. I hesitate to publish indifferent or poor reviews because I’d rather focus on more positive recommendations of my favourite places, but on reflection I thought I should publish this after all.

Our meal was not bad, but neither was it good. The Kashmiri pulao (bottom) was not very flavoursome, and also seemed unnecessarily coloured. In a 2007 review, Where’s the beef discusses the use of fake tandoori colouring in Indian restaurants. Thao D enjoyed her meal last year but does not go into detail about the food.

tandoori3 dinner at Tandoori Times on Gertrude St

We shared the rice, my friend had a vegetable curry (below) and I chose a goat curry (above). While well flavoured, it was more bone and gristle than meat, and I built a large pile of inedible parts on my plate without seeming to eat a lot. You can’t expect great cuts of meat from an inexpensive restaurant, but slow stewing of cheap cuts should result in a tender meal. Of course, this depends on there being some meat on the bones.

tandoori2 dinner at Tandoori Times on Gertrude St

We also ordered a Kashmiri naan but received the wrong type. Because of this and the poor goat curry, I can’t recommend Tandoori Times. When I asked readers two years ago what their favourite Fitzroy Indian restaurant was, no one nominated Tandoori Times. I have to agree. I have not tried every Indian restaurant in Fitzroy, but I have never been disappointed by Fitz Curry on Johnston St, and that is where I usually return to when I feel like Indian food.

tandoori1 dinner at Tandoori Times on Gertrude St

dinner at Tandoori Times on Gertrude St

2 thoughts on “dinner at Tandoori Times on Gertrude St

  • 14 April 2011 at 2:21 pm

    You should try the Goa Fish Curry at Indian Tukka on Victoria Pde Collingwood. So, so good…

    • 14 April 2011 at 3:13 pm

      I pass that place on the tram – yes I should go one day!


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