Someone should make a film based on this man’s story. I could see someone like a charmingly scruffy Joel Edgerton getting it right. The article below, ‘Drunken’ Watchman’s Shots Surprise Thieves, was published on 19 July 1954 in the Sydney Morning Herald. I’m sure McQuade would be pleased to know that staggering around looking completely drunk on the streets of Fitzroy is still normal and unremarkable, but what I want to know is why you need a soundproof room in a corset factory?

heading McQuade of Fitzroy

article18441635-7-001 McQuade of Fitzroy

article18441635-7-002 McQuade of Fitzroy

article18441635-7-003 McQuade of Fitzroy

article18441635-7-004 McQuade of Fitzroy

McQuade of Fitzroy

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