What follows is more amusement from Danny Jansky, who I suspect is a performance artist, not a mentally ill homeless person who has learned how to use the internet. When it’s too good to be true it usually is.

Wendy Lovell,

After hearing you state that the 42 million dollars promised by the previous government to charitable orginisations is guaranteed to remain under the same strategy.
I see that you are only using the homeless debate as an excuse to continue to launder money through these orginisations.
After 10 years of experience. All the food that I saw and ate was donated. To st vincent de paul, food van and the sisters of gore street. There was always accomodation at the homeless shelter(except when it was being used for prostitution).
The homeless refuse to stay at these shelters because of the rules and regulations.
eg: In by 8
Out by 7
No Drinking
And the womens shelter next to the sisters of gore street, I haven’t seen anybody stay there for 5 years, except the regular women that work for the sisters.
I have been told by homeless girls that the rules and regulations there are so strict, it is impossible to accept(then the sisters wouldn’t want any-one so close as to see what they are up to).
You Suck.
It is easier to continue where the others left off(who cares about the respect of the office you hold when you can feather every-ones nest and be popular).
I feel that it may have been better to battle the previous government and try to hold them accountable rather than work to bring you in only to take over where they left off.
AND BELIEVE IN ME, the victorian liberal party would never have got over the line without my devoted push for change.

You Suck Even More.
Danny Jansky.

you suck even more

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