I’ve just seen a stirring and deeply moving film at the French Film Festival. Lucky Few is about two hetero couples who become friends and then swap partners to develop loving polyamorous relationships.

happy_few Happy Few at the French Film Festival

The couples set no rules or boundaries for their alternate relationships, and problems ensure. At first the women are reasonable while the men are jealous, then their positions reverse. As things get more tense towards the end, the two women also become lovers, but the men do not. The lover relationships eventually overwhelm the partner relationships and the lover relationships break down.

Apart from confusing polyamoury with polygamy, Matt Riviera provides a good review of the film. It moved me because their conversations, emotions and sexual interactions are so natural and realistic. If you like the cast then it’s a very sexy film, though it is slightly biased in showing a little more of the women than the men, which is not always the case with French cinema.

The characters are left saddened and at a loss due to the overwhelming emotions they have experienced. It’s easy to see why the poly relationships failed, and why they return to the safe routine of their monogamous relationships, but it’s also possible to see how things could have been different.

Poly people stress open honest communication as the key to mutual understanding in poly relationships, and it is the lack of such communication between the characters that is shown to drive the collapse of their relationships.

Happy Few at the French Film Festival

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