The age of physical media died some time ago, but some in the industry didn’t seem to notice. Blockbuster video on Brunswick St recently closed. Do hipsters pay for movies? Doesn’t everyone torrent everything? Or watch Youtube? Is relatively recent Fitzroy arrival Video Dogs the last video shop in Fitzroy?

blockbuster Blockbuster video hire has closed

Blockbuster video hire has closed

One thought on “Blockbuster video hire has closed

  • 9 March 2011 at 8:26 pm

    I’m not surprised Blockbuster has closed: that shop was getting sadder and sadder over the last few months.

    Video Dogs, however, really is the best DVD store in Melbourne, imo… It has an amazing selection of documentaries and foreign films (things which are hard to torrent). Every time I’ve been in, it seems pretty popular, which is great – a good DVD store is an essential neighbourhoood asset!


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