I’ve been to the Skinny Dog hotel a couple of times now, and my first impression of the excellent fish and chips meant I wanted to return. On a more recent visit I had a truly great chicken parma. It was very tender meat, lightly and freshly crumbed (like homemade, not an industrial slab of densely packed crumb mixture) with cheese you could actually taste. Excellent chips and some fresh green salad completed an impressive lunch. It’s impossible to say whether the Skinny Dog or the Kew hotel has the better parma – they’re both really good!

skinnydogparma lunch at the Skinny Dog hotel, Kew

lunch at the Skinny Dog hotel, Kew

One thought on “lunch at the Skinny Dog hotel, Kew

  • 3 March 2011 at 12:29 pm

    The Skinny Dog is quite unfriendly to singles coming in for meals – my mother has been twice and told both times that there were no tables available, despite the place being completely empty.

    She was also treated quite rudely by bar staff when inquiring about the trivia nights they do. I believe the exact answer she got when asking this was “are you buying a drink or what?” Funnily enough, the answer was no and she’s moved on to better places since.

    I’m glad they have a decent kitchen staff, especially considering their waiting team seems surly and discriminatory towards people by themselves.


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