Warning this post is potentially NSFW. This graffiti on Palmer St is by a fan of American former porn star Ashley Blue (SFW Wikipedia and absolutely NSFW blog). I’m posting this because when I saw it, it made me smile in appreciation at the extremely good taste it represents.

Why do I like Ashley Blue? She matches my aesthetic preferences. She’s a natural, healthy looking woman. She’s not horribly thin, her skin is not deep fried (fake tan), she’s not covered in tattoos or piercings and she has natural breasts. She looks like a human being, not a mannequin or robot, and in her industry that is increasingly rare. There’s a G rated photo of her over the jump. Of course, she does great hardcore.

ashleyblue good taste graffiti

AN_Ashley_Blue_2 good taste graffiti

Source: Wikipedia Commons / photographer: Alan AKA Anime Nut / copyright: used according to the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

good taste graffiti

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