The morning after the night that I ate dinner at Gigi’s of Beechworth, I had breakfast with my colleagues at the Beechworth bakery. It’s the only place in town open early in the morning. We looked longingly in the smarter looking cafe windows but they must serve tourists who sleep in, not local workers who rise early. The food is good at the bakery but the coffee can only be described as ‘country’ – weak, milky and barely recognisable. From the top down: muesli with fresh berries; ‘miner’s’ toasted Turkish roll with bacon, egg, mushroom and spinach; and berry tart.

beechworthbakery2 breakfast at the Beechworth bakery

beechworthbakery3 breakfast at the Beechworth bakery

beechworthbakery1 breakfast at the Beechworth bakery

breakfast at the Beechworth bakery

One thought on “breakfast at the Beechworth bakery

  • 16 March 2011 at 10:41 am

    Certainly looks as if you discovered some of the finer things in Beechworth. Gigi’s is a great night out and the Bakery is very casual but certainly dishes up some treats. I must say the muslei with berries is one I have not yet tried but will add to the list.


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