The original owner of Bluebird cafe, Chris, has sold up and moved on (I hear he is to open a pizza place soon on Johnston St). Normally when I learn this I am skeptical about returning to a cafe I have previously enjoyed because it often means what I loved about it has been lost (Newtown SC comes to mind – the coffee wasn’t as good after Cate sold and I stopped going). But Bluebird is the exception to the rule. The coffee remains excellent and the menu has expanded, including these fabulous dukkah eggs on fat multigrain toast with spinach and mushrooms.

bluebird2011 breakfast at Bluebird cafe, Johnston St Collingwood

There are a couple of shallow steps at the entrance and it’s small inside but a table could easily be moved to accommodate someone in a wheelchair. The staff are friendly and, as it’s a small venue, if someone was having difficulty entering the cafe they would not go unnoticed.

breakfast at Bluebird cafe, Johnston St Collingwood

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