The City of Yarra reported two days ago that progress is being achieved on the proposal for a new public toilet on Brunswick St. Their call for public feedback resulted in 43 responses, which I assume includes the 15 I was able to measure as having initiated by reposting the call for feedback and enabling it to be done electronically (which the City of Yarra had the potential to do butĀ  nonetheless failed to do). 13 people commented on my original post indicating that they had completed an online submission and another 2 people emailed me to say they had.

Fitzroyalty encouraged more than a third of the submissions, which is significant because it is likely that the electronic submissions it enabled would not have been made otherwise. The council needs to take note of this. I am cautiously optimistic that they will, because after my previous post a senior manager from the City of Yarra phoned me and spoke to me about this issue. He acknowledged that they needed to use their website for ratepayer feedback on council proposals and indicated that developments in this area would be forthcoming.

Most importantly, a majority of the respondants are in favour of the new public toilet, that it should be open all hours and that the location is suitable. Let’s hope it succeeds this time.

progress on the proposed Brunswick St public toilet

2 thoughts on “progress on the proposed Brunswick St public toilet

  • 4 February 2011 at 7:02 am

    i don’t think i previously commented that i had completed the survey, but i did, so add another one to your tally :)


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