2010 may appear in hindsight to be the year that Fitzroyalty became more than a hobby for me: it became more like a mission. In looking back over the stories I have published and the events that have occurred, I realise that I have become harder in my approach and more determined to create a kind of media that is useful to the community and, in the process, exposes some of the failures of traditional media.

The biggest story of the year combined local relevance and sex: the departure of the Fitzroy based porn company Abby Winters. My story about their departure received over 8,500 pageviews (and was my most read story), and a related story about nearly getting a job with the company (published on 30 December 2009) received over 6,500 pageviews. That’s over 15,000 pageviews in total.

The other major Fitzroy story of the year was the fiasco of the manufactured viral marketing campaign involving a free pizza restaurant. The story that helped break the mystery of the campaign as it began received over 7,500 pageviews, and the critical followup received over 5,500 pageviews, for another total of over 13,000 pageviews.

Close behind the top Abby Winters story was my story about what happens when bloggers sell out, which received over 7,500 pageviews.

Gathering evidence in support of my theories and ideas about social media and publishing it has become increasingly important to me. I’ve argued before that the most valuable thing about social media is its unique content. Consequently, being the first food blogger to review a new restaurant often has significant benefits.

Although far from my best or most thorough review, the fact that I was coincidently lucky to eat at Easy Tiger on Smith St Collingwood on opening night meant that my review captured lots of attention and references from subsequent reviews.

I started crowdsourcing where to go to review restaurants and it’s been working really well. I plan to do more of this kind of thing in 2011. As always, I am eager to hear what you want to read about.

Fitzroyalty 2010 – the year in review

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