This is a summary of some of the major events that happened in Fitzroy in 2010. After delays of more than a year, the market opened at the primary school. The City of Yarra made excuses for failing to properly manage the out of control businesses in the area selling cigarettes to minors.

Fitzroy was supposed to receive a community bank but the project never eventuated. Gertrude St landmark Dante’s closed. Smith St’s regular comedy event A mic in hand sadly ceased.

We ate amazing food at Alimentari and suffered the hype of the free pizza restaurant. Cutler and Co was the most (over)hyped restaurant of the year. The Johnston St Food Store also opened to mixed opinions.

Old venues made a facile attempt at reopening but new businesses like the Magic lantern studio and Thread Den were more welcome and more successful. We saw fantastic theatre courtesy of Grit theatre company upstairs above Coco cafe.

The unloved Tenth Muse closed and became Cruzao. The similar arepa bar Sonido opened on Gertrude St but I was devastated that Juanita’s closed. We did some more eating at the fabulous Huxtable and Naked for Satan.

The Johnston St fiesta was fun. Bring on 2011!

Fitzroy 2010 – the year in review

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  • 3 January 2011 at 9:20 pm

    loving your work – thanks for so much great reading this year x


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