When staying in Wangaratta while travelling for work, I have been impressed with the art deco architecture in the town, particularly the amazing court building (below).

artdecowang1 hanging in the Wang

artdecowang2 hanging in the Wang

artdecowang3 hanging in the Wang

artdecowang4 hanging in the Wang

I was pleased with the food at the new restaurant Watermarc (above) as well as that at the Indian Tandoori restaurant, one of several owned and operated by an entrepreneurial Indian family in regional Victoria. One evening I enjoyed a prawn dish and saag gosht with rice and peshwari naan (below) with a colleague.

indianwang1 hanging in the Wang

indianwang2 hanging in the Wang

In the week before I was first there, the Riva bar down the street from Watermarc had hosted a poetry event for Anti-Poverty week, and the work remained written on the window (below).

poverty hanging in the Wang

So far I’ve stayed at two motels, and the cheaper and less imposing Parkview pleased me far more than the supposedly more prestigious Gateway. The first thing you smell when you step out of your car at the Gateway is the KFC next door. Eew. At the Parkview you smell the Indian Tandoori next door. Yum!

A renovated queen room at the Parkview, with lots of fat pillows on the bed, a huge plasma screen with all the digital channels on the wall and a plunger and ground coffee included in the complimentary tea and coffee is cheaper than a basic queen room at the Gateway, where the pillows are thin and miserly, the CRT television is small and analogue (thus depriving me of the ABC2 Breakfast program) and there is no coffee (apart from instant).

microbeetroot hanging in the Wang

One of the things that amuses me when reading the menus of aspirational regional restaurants is their excessive, sometimes ludicrous, pretentiousness. The fashion for describing things as ‘micro’ is so hot right now as you can see from the Gateway’s menu (above).

For breakfast, my favourite so far is Expresso on Ovens, where I have eaten twice. One morning I had a reasonable flat white, but the most disgusting inedible muffin, from Monty’s bakery and I won’t be returning there. It made the ham and cheese croissant, which I bought in desperation from Baker’s Delight around the corner, seem like gourmet fare.

hanging in the Wang

3 thoughts on “hanging in the Wang

  • 17 November 2010 at 9:17 am

    Love love love the first 2 pictures. Wang is full of suprises ;-)

  • 20 May 2011 at 12:30 am

    wang is cool. good gyros at wang kebabs.


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