The Rose St markets now sells vintage bicycles. Amazing how 20 year old junk is now ‘vintage’ and hence valuable. The aesthetic reinterpretation of old bikes is most interesting. I mean no criticism of the Rose St markets, but if you want an old bike without the hype, you could also try the CERES Bikeshed.

vintagebikes vintage bikes

vintage bikes

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  • 30 October 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Beware to all buying funky, rattly step-throughs. My “vintage” bike, found in a council pick-up and repaired, gave me a nasty shock last week when the entire crank fell off. Hilarious because I was fortunately on a quiet street. Not sure what would’ve happened if I was closer to work.

    Ceres is a great tip, as is BAC Bikes if you’re south of the river. Guaranteed to get something roadworthy at a good price.


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