This came as a surprise to me. Sala Thai on Brunswick St closed last week after being in business for 20 years. Last year the consensus among Fitzroyalty readers was that it was the best Thai restaurant in Fitzroy. Where are we going to go now? Like many others, I think I now prefer MamaNee on the Collingwood side of Smith St.

sala Sala Thai has closed

Sala Thai has closed

3 thoughts on “Sala Thai has closed

  • 26 August 2010 at 11:15 am

    Hmmm I’m not too surprised it closed actually.

    Sala Thai changed owners about 6 months or so ago. I remember the new owners had a promotion of free lunches for a while, and I was highly suspect of this. Some mates went and said the food was not nearly as good as it used to be. They stopped the free lunches and whenever I walked past it was completely empty…

    I wonder what will happen to the space…

    • 26 August 2010 at 12:05 pm

      Hi Emily, as long as it becomes another dining venue and does not become a hairdresser I will be happy.

      I have a theory that the ratio of restaurants to hairdressers on high streets is of crucial importance to the cultural and economic balance of a local area. Too many places that limit themselves to a particular group of clients (hairdresser) and not the general public (restaurant) are bad for a main street.

      The balance between daytime and nighttime businesses is also important. Hairdressers (daytime) taking over restaurant spaces (nighttime) result in quieter main streets, which changes the feel of an area.

  • 26 August 2010 at 3:18 pm

    nooooooo! I only went there a few months ago & was planning to go back this week – and the food was awesome – best I’ve tried in Melbourne.


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