Although I was lucky to be the first to review the new Cruzao Arepa Bar on Brunswick St, I was not quick enough to do the same at the similar Sonido on Gertrude St. Respect to Where’s the beef for publishing the first review, followed by Vetti live in Northcote, Fat belly club and Crafty llama. I don’t know why two South American cafes serving arepas have opened in Fitzroy at the same time, but I appreciate it as both are great. I stopped in to Sonido for brunch last Saturday and love the eclectic interior.

sonido2 brunch at Sonido on Gertrude St

I had the arepa con huevo (below) – a surprisingly crisp arepa with scrambled eggs with spring onions and tomato on top – light and delicious. My long macchiato was excellent, and I overheard a fellow customer tell the staff that he considered the coffee he’d just had as being in his all time top five. That’s impressive.

sonido1 brunch at Sonido on Gertrude St

My girlfriend had the cheese and spinach empanada (below) and was less impressed. She liked it but thought it didn’t have enough cheese. I was surprised by the flaky pastry is was made with, which is quite different to the pastry of the empanadas I’m used to at Juanita’s.

sonido5 brunch at Sonido on Gertrude St

The interior is full of colourful trinkets, record covers, books and posters. It’s very difficult to compare Sonido and Cruzao. Both have vibrant colourful interiors. Both serve arepas and make good coffee. I’m not going to declare a preference after one visit each. I like them a lot and hope to be a regular at both, as well as continuing to enjoy Juanita’s.

sonido4 brunch at Sonido on Gertrude St

sonido3 brunch at Sonido on Gertrude St

brunch at Sonido on Gertrude St

One thought on “brunch at Sonido on Gertrude St

  • 26 August 2010 at 3:27 pm

    the guys at sonido are great & the coffee … to die for. I had my first empanada there yesterday since leaving south america and it was truly awesome. so good to hear their doing well – the owners told me they’re really really busy on the weekend – not surprising since they’re one of the few cafes open up that end of gertrude on a weekend.


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