So the regular complaints from some Atherton Gardens residents were correct: tenants in flats in the estate have been using their homes as a base for drug trafficking. It’s good news for the majority of the law abiding tenants that these people have finally been caught. Hopefully the security and other problems in the towers will be reduced as a result.

Apart from the Police having to work for months, perhaps years, to gather evidence to build a case before making arrests, I wonder how the public housing authorities and other government agencies failed to notice over long periods of time how much money the drug dealers had. Surely their cars and bank accounts could have exposed them. Surely they appeared too wealthy to need to live in public housing.

I think drug use should be treated as a health issue and decriminalised. The best way to end the war on drugs is to undermine the business model of the black marketeers, who profit from the artificially high prices caused by prohibition. Reducing the purchase price would also reduce much of the property and violent crime associated with acquiring cash to buy drugs.

To me, the greatest crime the drug dealers committed was to inflict violence, crime and social unrest on their innocent neighbours. They also committed a moral crime against the poor by occupying public housing that should have been available to people who had a more genuine need for it. They’ve also defrauded the state and we the taxpayers by pretending to be poor when they were not.

The white underclass that was born in Australia and takes the welfare state for granted is our problem and we have to deal with them. But people who have come to Australia as migrants or refugees should be more grateful for what they have received as they did not grow up taking it for granted.

If they’re immigrants and they’re convicted, they should be deported. I don’t think we should waste our taxes paying for them to spend years in gaol. Their indifference to their neighbours suggests they don’t deserve the high quality of life they have enjoyed in Australia.

Before you start calling me a racist, stop and think for a minute. This is not about race, ethnicity or anything genetic or physiological. It’s about culture and behaviour. It’s about the kind of society we want to live in. We have the ability to reject the people who have rejected the gift we gave them, and perhaps we should use it more often.

Atherton Gardens heroin arrests

One thought on “Atherton Gardens heroin arrests

  • 18 August 2010 at 9:00 am

    We were eating outside at the Gertrude Hotel a while back when a pedestrian got hit crossing the street, coming from Atherton Gardens. The woman who hit the guy was distraught and stopped her car, but the guy just took off. All of us at the table immediately thought “drug dealer” or courier at least. Glad they’ve caught those responsible.


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