On a brief recent visit to Deniliquin in NSW (the destination of a weekend motorcycle road trip), I had an enjoyable dinner at The Crossing cafe, which locals say is the best place in town. The menu is diverse and could be described as ‘modern international’.

thecrossing2 dinner at The Crossings cafe, Deniliquin

My dining companion chose a cheese souffle with apple salad (above) for entree, while I had arancini (below). Both were tasty but the souffle was the better dish: combination of rich cheese with crisp apple worked well.

thecrossing1 dinner at The Crossings cafe, Deniliquin

The wines available by the glass were limited, and unfortunately the most local wine, a chardonnay from the Riverina region of NSW, was not available. We chose a Yering Station chardonnay and a Chrismont merlot.

Supporting local wine as well as produce is something I look for in a regional restaurant, and although the wines available were good they were mostly Victorian (from the Yarra and King valleys) or South Australian. I would prefer to drink something from the area and learn about it.

thecrossing3 dinner at The Crossings cafe, Deniliquin

Our mains were excellent. My companion loved the duck with honey orange sauce and vegetable stack (above), and I was impressed with my Kashmiri lamb curry served with rice and tzatziki (below), which I found confusing until I thought that, in ingredient and flavour terms, tzatziki really is just chunky raita.

thecrossing4 dinner at The Crossings cafe, Deniliquin

The only deficit I saw at The Crossings was an absence of a vegetarian main meal, though there have been one on the specials board. The night I was there, a large group was celebrating a birthday, yet the wait staff and kitchen were not delayed and the service was very good. I didn’t eat anywhere else in town and so have nothing to compare it to, but I enjoyed my visit to The Crossings cafe.

dinner at The Crossings cafe, Deniliquin

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