Bali Bagus is a cheap and cheerful Indonesian place on windswept Franklin St in the middle of backpacker related businesses. From reading previous reviews by Urban Muslim, Melbourne restaurant and Walk walk Melbourne, I learned that it used to be a drab bain-marie type place like Nelayan.

bali2 lunch at Bali Bagus, Franklin St

Relatively recent renovations (below) have resulted in a bright interior and an a la carte menu that remains impressively inexpensive, especially considering how much I enjoyed my nasi rendang with peanuts and anchovies (teri kacang, above, $7.50). I will be returning to try their other dishes.

bali1 lunch at Bali Bagus, Franklin St

lunch at Bali Bagus, Franklin St

2 thoughts on “lunch at Bali Bagus, Franklin St

  • 14 July 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Next time you are there, you should try its iga or empal penyet. My friend love its Ayam Suwir and Mie Goreng :)


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