In May I reported that the Tenth Muse cafe on Brunswick St had closed for a month. A note in the window stated that it would reopen, and it did but apparently only for a few days. The ‘exciting changes’ never eventuated and, like many other small businesses before it, the Tenth Muse is now closed.

tenthmuseclosed2 the Tenth Muse has closed

I admire the ability of some people to create and manage venues that provide great food and customer service, but many people seem out of their depth and their businesses are destined to fail. I wonder whether they all have business plans or have sought professional advice before signing a lease?

tenthmuseclosed1 the Tenth Muse has closed

I simply can’t understand taking such a big financial risk with no surety of success without having done a lot of research and planning, but many people seem fundamentally unprepared for the reality of running a small business.

the Tenth Muse has closed

One thought on “the Tenth Muse has closed

  • 28 June 2010 at 7:04 am

    As a regular at the Tenth Muse (and too many cafes really) I did like the place but I can see precisely why it closed. The food was always delicious but took ages to come. The staff were always friendly and helpful but it seemed the ever-changing menu even baffled them half the time. At first I went back for the coffee, then slowly but surely it felt strange not to ‘visit’ the staff on a Friday evening. At times the atmosphere was dull and almost sad but it was broken by the staff and other regulars. I am sad in a way that venues such as this are closing, but it’s clear the owners were pretty clueless for what they did have.



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