My previous eating experiences in the Armadale / Malvern area have been varied: from very good (breakfast at Pheast48) to good (dinner at Barca) to poor (dinner at Aya). News that an inner-north style cafe was serving quality food and coffee on Malvern Rd bounced off my armour of scepticism without making a scratch. But then I thought I should be more open minded, and after trying it I was pleasantly surprised. Miss Kish and My delicious like Thread and I do too. The coffee is outstanding.

thread1 breakfast at Thread cafe, Malvern

My girlfriend’s feta and avocado mash on toast (above) and my Spanish omelette (containing chorizo, cheese, tomato and spinach, below).

thread2 breakfast at Thread cafe, Malvern

breakfast at Thread cafe, Malvern

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