It’s fun to meet friends in the city for lunch – the day goes so much faster! I had lunch planned with a friend at Dumplings Plus on Swanston St (her choice, she was fascinated to compare the divergent reviews with her own experience) but then she accidentally went into the place next door, which is Wonton House. I called her, we both claimed to be at the restaurant, then I looked next door and found her.

wontonhouse1 lunch at Wonton House, Swanston St

So it became lunch at Wonton House by accident, which was average. My noodles with shredded pork were lifeless, though the meat was quite good, but my friend liked her soup.

wontonhouse3 lunch at Wonton House, Swanston St

We both loved the been curd skin fried wontons with prawns inside them – most delicious. Previously reviewed by Junkgirl and Aaron, it may be worth returning to and ordering something different. I would not have the noodles again.

wontonhouse2 lunch at Wonton House, Swanston St

lunch at Wonton House, Swanston St

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