In my daily lunch-oriented wanderings around the south end of Carlton I’ve noticed Namaste on Lygon St. Last week the sight of Hyderabad style biryani on the menu proved irresistible. I love Indian food! The biryani was hot and spicy with huge black cardamon pods and plenty of chilli.

The chunks of goats still on the bone were tender and absolutely delicious. The dahi chutney cooled my tongue though I was sweating somewhat by the time I was finished. The friendly staff were surprised that an anglo knew what biryani was and that I could take the heat! I was impressed that they had goat on the menu.

biryani lunch at Namaste, Lygon St Carlton

Namaste has been reviewed twice by Ms I-Hua (first and second), Milk tea in August and Never trust a skinny foodie. I’ll be back too. The food impressed me and at under $10 for lunch it’s a bargain too.

lunch at Namaste, Lygon St Carlton

One thought on “lunch at Namaste, Lygon St Carlton

  • 16 June 2010 at 6:08 pm

    When in India I got sick of curry, but never tired of biryani. Yum!


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