Oh I love reading how the stupidity of some people leads to their downfall. Like the idiots who accepted friend requests from someone they didn’t know, who turned out to be an ANZ bank debt collector chasing them for money. Der.

Or the many women who had unprotected sex with the African circus performer and are now HIV+. Of course you’re the only one, baby… and it would really feel better for me not to use a condom… they’ve only got themselves to blame for volunteering to be infected.

Or the people who have had their unsecured wifi networks scanned and mapped by the evil empire of Google – lock them up you idiots so no one can peek. It’s becoming to impossible to read the news, as it appears to be full of stupid people complaining that they are being mislead or exploited by malicious greedy people. Welcome to human nature…

life lessons from the news

4 thoughts on “life lessons from the news

  • 30 May 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Amen brother. I thought exactly the same when I heard the circus performer story on the news this morning.

    The article you link to on ‘The Age’ website with regard to the ANZ debt collectors making fake Facebook profiles is interesting. I’m racking my brains to work out how this is unethical. I cannot see how. It seems that the ANZ is being overly politically correct in their response? What is the difference between using Facebook in this fashion and using the telephone to do the same thing I wonder?

    However this is indeed the way of the world. Taking advantage of people is less fortunate positions is a significant component of how the world works and is the core of many business cases. This is not negative commentary on companies or individuals at all, it is just the way it is.

  • 30 May 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Point #1: most wifi routers ARE secured these days – something I found out to my chagrin recently when I moved house and was hoping to leech someone’s interwebs while I was waiting to get connected at the new place ;-)

    Point #2: Securing your wifi router doesn’t stop google from detecting it’s presence. MAC addresses are transmitted in clear. Sure, if your router is locked down with WPA, or even WEP, snooping actual data becomes difficult – impossible from a moving vehicle – however, the collection of data was, according to Google, entirely unintentional, and there is no reason to not take that at face value. What possible value could there be in collecting random packets of data?

    In any case, yhe whole issue is a tiresome beat up for a number of reasons. Firstly, google cannot pinpoint wifi location to anything better than tens of metres… On a good day… Even then they couldn’t tell which side of the road the equipment was on. The whole point of the exercise is to allow better location fixes from mobile devices in the absence of a decent GPS signal. Location fixes based on mobile phone towers are typically 100s of metres off, which is not sufficiently accurate for the purposes of location based search. If I’m googling for nearby cafes from my phone, I want to know about the ones in easy walking distance – not ones that are 3-4km away as the crow flies.

    Secondly, while google hasn’t exactly been shouting out from the rooftops, nor have they been as secretive about it as people claim. They have mentioned that they have been doing this in several blog posts and FAQs on their location services going back at least 6 months. Moreover, google are NOT the only person doing this. There are other location players doing exactly the same thing – skyhook for one.

    Thirdly, the “threat” claimed by privacy wonks (and Conroy, more to the point) is ridiculously overstated. Some have claimed that this information could be tied to google’s database of “your” searches. Bull. Shit. MAC addresses aren’t sent over the internet. Various other claims of google getting all up in your business are equally ludicrous.

    Finally, I’d be a lot less worried about google sniffing my wifi router than a hacker with a laptop. If you’re serious about privacy, you don’t use a wireless network. Personally, I use a wireless network and spend my energy worrying about far more realistic dangers.

    On the circus performer thing, my initial reaction was the same as yours, but I don’t know. Getting an incurable disease that will shorten your life and make having children a minefield, if not impossible, seems like excessive punishment for simple stupidity.

  • 30 May 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Those women may not have been at their cleverest when sleeping with the circus performer, but they certainly didn’t ‘get what they deserved’.

    • 31 May 2010 at 3:22 pm

      If you walk out into the middle of the road, you’re likely to get hit by a car. It’s a known risk. Same thing here. STIs are a known risk and the best way to avoid them is to use a condom. If you choose to put yourself at risk that’s your problem.


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