For some time now I have been searching for a reliable WordPress poll plugin to enable me to develop a feature for Fitzroyalty that I have been thinking about creating for years: a way to crowdsource the list of places that I will review. I’ve followed two main sources of selection so far – personal interest and whatever is new. Obviously going to places I think I will like is tempting, and reviewing new places is exciting and generates a lot more site visits, particularly if I publish the first review of a place.

But what I think is relevant and worth reviewing is only my opinion, and I’ve always been curious to find out what priorities other people have and what places they want to read reviews of. I’ve now installed a new flash based poll plugin that seems to work really well (previous poll plugins have not worked properly) and I have listed 5 places I’ve been meaning to review for a long time. At the end of May this list will close, and I’ll visit and review the place most voted for within a month.

Every month I will publish a new list of 5 places I’ve never been and ask people to vote on where to send me. If you’d like to suggest places for me to add to future polls, please comment on this post. They must be in Fitzroy, and they must be cafes or restaurants (no, I’m not volunteering to review massage parlours, brothels or bondage dungeons unless you also want to pay me to do it). Emphasis will be on places that no one has reviewed.

tell me where to go

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