When it first opened I had a poor coffee at Tenth Muse on Brunswick St, but I gave them a second chance and they made great homemade cakes and reasonable food. But then the reviews started getting less and less complimentary, and it closed in April with a note in the window promising it would reopen in a month. In the meantime, nothing inside seems to have changed, so how how can it reopen with something new and different?

tenthmuse will the Tenth Muse reopen this week?

will the Tenth Muse reopen this week?

One thought on “will the Tenth Muse reopen this week?

  • 18 May 2010 at 8:58 am

    I clicked with interest on this to see what you had written because I had had such an awful experience there! and lo and behold you linked to me haha :)

    I will be interested to see…. I’m a trained chef and have no interest in going back to hospo but food that bad makes me angry in a city that has SO much choice


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