Distant Bodies is an intriguing play being performed at the Northcote Town Hall until 8 May. It begins slowly and slightly awkwardly, with the morose Allan making a strange and seemingly inappropriate approach to Abi. Sultry Dianne flirts with shy Eddy while her husband Joe is away. The connections between the characters are slowly revealed as they discuss their fears about their love lives.

The play is about desire, longing and belonging in sexual relationships. It’s sometimes funny and often insightful, with sharp dialogue from playwright Barnaby Chiverton. Astrophysics functions as both theme and metaphor throughout. My favourite line is delivered by Dianne to Joe – ‘you’re a cardigan wearing town planner’ – during a dom/sub roleplay. If you like the unexpected, and/or white underwear, you will find this play entertaining and thought provoking.

DistantBodiesEvaporatingSun Distant Bodies at the Northcote Town Hall

Distant Bodies at the Northcote Town Hall

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