This is Itza cafe at 402 Brunswick St, as photographed on Sunday 18 April 2010. Their street furniture is, I suspect, taking up far more footpath than their permit would allow. I doubt there’s room for a wheelchair to get through what remains. I nearly tripped on one of those barrels full of sand holding down the umbrellas. I call this greedy and unethical. Public space should not be misused and obstructed to this extent. Would someone from the City of Yarra care to comment?

obstruction obstruction


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  • 22 April 2010 at 7:22 pm

    Don’t expect anybody from the City Of Yarra to devote any time to this. We had an ongoing problem outside our home (in Taplin Street Fitzroy North) with a mechanic’s shop. The problem was that on many an occasion there was a substantial amount of that business’s operations being conducted outside the shop as there was within. The problems included street parking space being occupied as storage for vehicles, footpath space being occupied for stored vehicles (as many were being parked across driveways) There were also issues with Tow trucks using the entire width of Taplin Street for dispatch and pickup points at almost any time day or night as well as mechanics conducting their testing and repairs on the street.

    All this contributed to an unpleasant cocktail of noise, traffic congestion and fumes. (not good look when you are trying to sell your property) When on one occasion my partner reported the matter to City Of Yarra the response from the council official concerned (in our opinion) was a monologue attempting to justify the business owners actions and implying that as inner city dwellers in a mixed use zone more tolerance was required on our part.


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