Two years ago I wrote about the shortlived revival of Rhumbarallas cafe on Brunswick St. Another former venue, Esco, has now been reborn as the Esco art bar on Brunswick St. It was formerly the Planet cafe, then Esco, then Zombar, then Mirrors, then Mirrors with some illegal construction undertaken out the back in an attempt to make a beer garden, then a Turkish restaurant with all the atmosphere of a carpark.

escoartbar Esco: everything new is old again

This is an address I referred to previously in a post about why it is that some spaces simply don’t seem to work. Freshly painted in white, with colourful art on the walls, this space now looks bright and inviting, and when I walked past on Sunday people were entering and eating. I wish the operators well, because they have a long history of failure to overcome.

Esco: everything new is old again

One thought on “Esco: everything new is old again

  • 18 April 2010 at 5:37 pm

    It was Lebanese, not Turkish.


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