It’s so convenient to be able to ride anywhere in Melbourne by motorcycle or scooter and park on the footpath like in European cities. It’s the only major city in Australia where it is allowed. Some people hate it, and even though I ride I can understand this when I see bikes parked stupidly. There’s really no excuse for being selfish and lazy and causing inconvenience for other people. The rules are simple: park parallel to the road and in line with street furniture etc to minimise the space used and the inconvenience to pedestrians. Avoid narrow footpaths and major intersections. The top photo shows excellent parking judgement, the botton one terrible judgement. With freedom comes responsibility: use it wisely or it will be taken away from us all.

bikeparking1 the art of motorcycle and scooter parking

bikeparking2 the art of motorcycle and scooter parking

the art of motorcycle and scooter parking

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