On a lazy Sunday recently I had breakfast with a friend at Foxy Brown Espresso on South Crescent, Northcote. We both had the ‘Harlem shuffle’ – poached eggs on toast with bacon, potatoes, mushrooms and rocket. It was good, but not outstanding, and the coffee is above average.

foxy2 breakfast at Foxy Brown Espresso in Northcote

The service, however, was vague and erratic. The staff were friendly and well meaning, but coffee orders took a long time to appear, and we were asked by several staff if we had ordered food and / or coffee while we were there. The intentions were good, even if the communication between staff was not.

foxy1 breakfast at Foxy Brown Espresso in Northcote

Without any immediate competition, Foxy Brown is probably going to do well, but unless I hear that the service has improved I don’t think I will be returning soon.

breakfast at Foxy Brown Espresso in Northcote

One thought on “breakfast at Foxy Brown Espresso in Northcote

  • 21 January 2010 at 1:21 pm

    I ate there Nov/Dec last year whilst housesitting down the road. I had fruit toast and a few coffees. Excellent coffee, and the fruit toast was good (I was feeling broke so didn’t have a full cooked brekky). Given the simplicity of my brekky (and the place wasn’t full), I expected it to all arrive quickly. I had to order a second coffee to have with my toast as I’d finished the first by the time it arrived. Overall, great coffee, good food, but slow service. I’d return to try it again. Its a nice gem off the main streets of Northcote.


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