The second small bar I visited in Perth was Andaluz. Whereas 399 is in the restaurant / nightclub / entertainment area of Perth called Northbridge (the railway line to Fremantle divides the city centre into two sections: the business oriented south part and the entertainment oriented north), Andaluz is in suit territory.

andaluz4 summer holidays - Andaluz bar, Perth

Also in contrast to 399, Andaluz does seriously good food. I particularly enjoyed the smoked sardines with fennel and cabbage salad (above) and the roasted almonds with paprika and smoked salt (below).

andaluz2 summer holidays - Andaluz bar, Perth

andaluz1 summer holidays - Andaluz bar, Perth

My friends enjoyed their pan con tomate (above) and grilled haloumi with chilled tomato and cucumber consomme (below).

andaluz3 summer holidays - Andaluz bar, Perth

The cocktails at Andaluz are competent but are nothing special. I’d recommend it as somewhere to go to eat and have a glass of wine rather than a cocktail.

andaluz5 summer holidays - Andaluz bar, Perth

What is extraordinary at Andaluz is one of the desserts: caramels dusted in cocoa powder and served with chilli and salt. They combine salted caramel deliciousness with the decadence of chilli chocolate. These are unspeakably wonderful.

andaluz6 summer holidays - Andaluz bar, Perth

It was an atypical time to review the bar, which was nearly full of flushed suits and anorexic women escaping the office to enjoy pre-Christmas drinks on a Tuesday at about 3pm. Some of the men were wearing smart casual attire, which was mostly white striped shirts and beige chinos. This may not be representative of its usual crowd. Come for the food, stay for dessert.

Suit rating: moderate.

Beige chino rating: low to moderate.

Anorexic rating: low to moderate.

summer holidays – Andaluz bar, Perth

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