1 Pure Scenius – Brian Eno, Karl Hyde and the Necks at the Sydney Opera House

Brian Eno was the best gig I saw this year – a fascinating and thrilling performance, with the additional status of being a rare and longheld ambition fulfilled.

eno1 top gigs of 2009

2 David Byrne at Hamer hall

This was the third time I have seen David Byrne, and perhaps the best, as the show was focused on the music he wrote with Talking Heads that was produced by Eno and on their new collaborative album.

byrne1 top gigs of 2009

3 Jarvis Cocker at the Forum theatre

A joyous, fun, energetic and jaunty gig from Jarvis, and the first time I have seen him.

jarvis11 top gigs of 2009

4 The Lucksmiths at the Thornbury theatre

There were tears and many wistful moments at this show, the second last of their farewell Melbourne shows.

farewelllucksmiths1 top gigs of 2009

5 Johnette Napolitano at the Corner hotel

A great solo show from another old favourite. Twenty years since I saw Concrete Blonde at the height of their success, Napolitano is still an intense performer.

napolitano2 top gigs of 2009

top gigs of 2009

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