This is the final installment of Fitzroy recommendations for 2009:

  • Melbourne delectable went to a life drawing class at Hens love art
  • Jo describes a day well spent in Fitzroy
  • Neil from Melbourne Metblogs reviews Shocolate on Johnston St
  • Design sponge explores shopping on Gertrude St
  • Craig has made art from a street map in the style of Mondrian
  • For tomorrow has some fantastic photos of Guy Mathews on Johnston St
  • Facehunter does Fitzroy
  • Tom in Fitzroy started blogging but then lost the love – will he recover it?
  • Green gourmet giraffe likes Mr Natural vegetarian pizza on Brunswick St
  • Idea has some photos of the interior of Charcoal Lane on Gertrude St
  • The spider and the fly had an unusual dining experience at Madame Sousou on Brunswick St
  • Melbourne poets has archive galleries of poetry readings at the Rochester Castle hotel and the Punter’s Club c1980s
  • Ross Hill reviews some of his favourite places in Fitzroy
  • Finding my way around takes great photos of Fitzroy
  • French blog itchyfeetovertherainbow says ‘Fitzroy ze place to be!’ Mais bien sur!
  • Music induced euphoria reviews recent gigs by En Tout Cas in Fitzroy pubs
  • Doublecooked reviews the Gertrude St hotel
  • Brigadeirocho enjoyed breakfast at Madame Sousou
  • Susie has taken some wonderful photos of Fitzroy and Melbourne
December Fitzroy recommendations

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