On 3 December I attended the opeing night of Miso‘s new show Tchusse at Gorker gallery. The show features many works on paper and board, light boxes and an installation featuring linen hanging from clotheslines, various objects and street detritus. It creates a reminiscence about Miso’s hometown: Kharkov in the Ukraine. Some of her now iconic paste-ups previously seen on Melbourne and Fitzroy walls feature in the show along with many new works. It’s a dense and fascinating exhibition that you should see before it closes on 20 December.

misogorker4 Miso's Tchusse at Gorker gallery

misogorker1 Miso's Tchusse at Gorker gallery

misogorker2 Miso's Tchusse at Gorker gallery

misogorker3 Miso's Tchusse at Gorker gallery

misogorker5 Miso's Tchusse at Gorker gallery

Miso’s Tchusse at Gorker gallery

2 thoughts on “Miso’s Tchusse at Gorker gallery

  • 9 December 2009 at 11:55 am

    Talentless rubbish – hence the “dense” (quantity to make up for absence of quality). Points for trying, but let’s not pretend it’s any good. Most people hate it, and a year 8 student could produce more originality and talent.

    It is detritus.

    • 9 December 2009 at 12:15 pm

      To each their own – I like Miso’s large paste-ups, which are unlike anything else on Melbourne’s walls.


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