Why did I block you on Twitter? Let me count the ways. Maybe because I focus on hyperlocal news in inner city Melbourne, Australia and you’re a gym junkie from Milwaukie, USA. I don’t care what you (allegedly) think. Maybe you are a life coach from outer suburbia. I don’t want you listed in my followers – it makes me look bad. Perhaps you tweet about your hair all day long. I don’t care. Don’t aspire to connect with me. Marketing spammers (and public relations airheads) – delete, delete, delete.

I’m never going to follow you just because you follow me. I don’t need quantity in my Twitter followers. I want quality. I want thinkers. I want crafty locals. I want my peers and colleagues. If you’re active online in Melbourne, hello. If you’re a food or other blogger in Australia, respect. I love your work. If you make stuff or do stuff or are an expert in a field of knowledge I am curious about, then we may follow each other.

I like the asynchronous nature of Twitter. I can follow you without you following me, or the other way around. I’m not offended if you don’t follow me. If you get offended because I don’t follow you, then you need to find something more important to stress about. I have probably deleted more followers than I currently have, but at least I know that they are genuine, relevant people.

why I blocked you on Twitter

One thought on “why I blocked you on Twitter

  • 6 December 2009 at 1:19 pm

    So…I can’t interest you in some prime water front real estate in the Florida swamps..? :P


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