As soon as I read this review of Coco Rice in Manchester Lane I wanted to try it for myself. After a torturous visit to the NGV to see the Dali exhibition (full of people using the audio tour shuffling along like zombies spending more time fiddling with their iPods than looking at the art) I needed something to restore me, and lunch at Coco Rice was exactly what I wanted. The fish box I chose featured fried fish, coconut rice with omelette, potato crisps and a sauce containing chilli and kecap manis. Good value for $11.50. The crisps are intriguing: thin potato chips like you would buy in a packet but hot and coated with a sweet sticky glaze. They’re delicious! There’s another good review here.

cocorice lunch at Coco Rice in Manchester Lane

lunch at Coco Rice in Manchester Lane

One thought on “lunch at Coco Rice in Manchester Lane

  • 4 October 2009 at 1:36 pm

    Thanks for the backlink!

    I’m a regular there whenever I work in the city and tend to go for the specials now. Most people walk by without even noticing it, but the two ‘Mums’ that do the cooking make some mouthwatering stuff. The rice isn’t quite as strongly flavoured with coconut as it used to be, but is still yummy.


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