Melbourne vegan food bloggers Steph and Danni have built a vegan food blog aggregator called VeGMeL. It uses different tools to the 10 local news sites I have built but the result is fundamentally the same: a place that syndicates lots of content so audiences have a convenient place to access it. This model is perfect for where there is a niche topic with an existing audience and a pool of potential contributors. Aggregators like this are particularly good at helping relatively new bloggers get found and read by audiences. It’s great to no longer being the only person in Melbourne creating new alternative news sites!

vgml VeGMeL - a new Melbourne blog aggregator

A screen capture of the VeGMeL site on 17 September 2009
VeGMeL – a new Melbourne blog aggregator

One thought on “VeGMeL – a new Melbourne blog aggregator

  • 27 September 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Hey Brian,

    Thanks for mentioning the Planet – and for liking it! I think planets/aggregators really are the best way to go, it’s great exposure and it’s good for creating a sort of community feel to blogging!


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