The office of South Australian independent MP Kris Hanna was very helpful in responding to my request about his success in winning his food hygiene FOI case against the Adelaide City Council via a ruling by the SA Ombudsman.

A gem of an idea was contained in the information they provided to me following my request to Hanna for advice: that food business could not be named under existing regulations, as they have a right to privacy, but they could voluntarily choose to reveal that they have passed food hygiene inspections.

So now I’m now asking all food businesses in tell their customers directly that they passed their last hygiene inspection via a note in their window, or to tell me with permission to publish it so everyone can access it.

When diners pay lots of money for a fine dining experience they deserve to know they are getting cleanliness as well as style. Someone has to make the first step, so I’m asking the fine dining restaurants in Fitzroy to go first and tell their customers that they passed their inspections.

Griff’s wine pub, Cutler & Co, St Jude’s Cellars, The Commoner, Mon Ami, AƱada, Ink, The Builders Arms and Scarpetta are all invited to demonstrate their quality to the public by telling us that they passed their last inspection.

The City of Yarra will be watching, because I know that Council staff read Fitzroyalty. I will be compiling the information and asking Council to compare it to their official records.

False advertising and misleading consumers are serious crimes under the Trade Practices Act and other legislation, and it would be most unwise of restaurants to provide false information.

All the cafes, casual restaurants, pubs and bakeries are also invited to participate. Which business will be the first to see the benefit from being more honest with their customers?

Fitzroy food businesses – please tell us if you passed your last food hygiene inspection

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