Garry Owen park on Leicester St used to have a slide for kids to play on. When walking past recently I noticed that the play equipment had been removed, leaving nothing but a smoothly landscaped pit of woodchips. I wrote this post last week and scheduled it for today thinking I had a unique story. Well, I did at the time but I should have published it then as the Leader published a story on 31 August about the removal of playground equipment across the City of Yarra.

The first photo was taken in August 2009; the one below it is from November 2008 showing the slide. The equipment has been removed because of rotting timber. The Leader says that the playground equipment at Garry Owen park will be replaced in November at a cost of $20,000.

Is this another example of City of Yarra customer service? There’s no sign in the park providing information and no press release on their website (as at 1 September 2009). How hard is it to communicate with ratepayers? It’s very poor that I should read about this in the Leader and not be informed about it by the council itself. They should get themselves a blog and update it with local news every day. As if…

garyowenpark why did you take my slide away?

garyowenparkslide why did you take my slide away?

why did you take my slide away?

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