Last week one of the endless ephemeral messages that waft through cyberspace via Facebook or Twitter or somewhere caught my attention. It was from food blogger Vicious Ange, who mentioned great Polish food at a new Brunswick cafe called Court Jester. I was intrigued and endeavoured to try it for myself as soon as possible, which I did on Sunday with an equally hungry friend. Having been advised on what was good to eat at last year’s Polish festival at Federation Square by Ange, I know that her recommendations should be taken seriously!

courtjester3 lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

Court Jester is located in a warehouse in a construction strewn back street of Brunswick. There is one long communal table and several couches (above), as well as a small outdoor courtyard at the front (below).

courtjester1 lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

There’s lots of art on the walls by the owners of the cafe and other locals, and there’s lots to look at. The coffee is absolutely excellent.

courtjester2 lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

Everything on the menu (all day breakfasts and savoury lunch dishes available after 11am, as well lots of amazing looking cakes) is homemade with the benefit of four generations of family recipes. From the top down, we tried the beef pierogi (steamed dumplings),  the chicken and onion kreplakh (fried dumplings) with Russian potato salad and a sauerkraut and carrot dressing, and the cabbage rolls.

courtjester4 lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

courtjester7 lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

courtjester5 lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

Everything was delicious but our favourite was definitely the cabbage rolls with their meat and rice stuffing and rich, mildly spicy, sauce.

courtjester6 lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

Given the quality of the coffee, the excellent food and the friendly customer service, I think that Court Jester will soon become extremely popular. I’ll be back soon to try some of the other things on the menu, including the cakes.

Central and eastern European food is found mainly in the inner south-east of Melbourne, at places like Borsch Vodka and Tears. By bringing this food to Brunswick, Court Jester adds to the variety of food available in the inner north. It joins the Czech and Slovak restaurant Koliba in Collingwood and the Austrian restaurant Mutti in Carlton. My inner central European is very happy!

lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

3 thoughts on “lunch at Court Jester cafe in Brunswick

  • 2 November 2009 at 9:01 pm

    that looks really cool. im going to give this place a go when im in that part of town.

  • 16 February 2010 at 2:49 pm

    I wondered what the hell that place was when I drove past. I am so going there tomorrow on my day off! The food sounds awesome!

    • 17 February 2010 at 4:26 am

      Elevenses excluded, Court Jester was for me the best new cafe of 2009 :-)


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