Not long after I wrote about how the City of Yarra website is out of date and out of touch, it announced that it is planning to upgrade its site. I must be some kind of IT psychic.

yarraie the City of Yarra is planning to improve its website

Anyway, here’s the text of the email I wrote them on 9 June 2009:


I have written an analysis of the City of Yarra website here:

The comment made by another user may be particularly helpful.

To summarise, I suggest:

  • design for all browsers, not just outdated versions of IE
  • use a modern content management system like WordPress, not whatever antiquated platform currently used
  • use interactive tools, such as a calendar that can accept user input and provide data output eg google calendar
  • publish syndicated content via RSS or Atom, especially for press releases, news, events etc
  • provide convenient tools for community consultation and participation, eg forum, wiki
  • online submissions and payments for all interactions with council
  • integrate maps

Finally, you could hire someone like me that knows how to do all this. LOL…

Yours sincerely

Brian Ward

I’m currently working on a post comparing all the inner city local government websites. The City of Yarra is far behind most other local government sites. I’m curious to what it does. I predict they won’t adopt many of my suggestions. I anticipate that they will use a horrid inflexible CMS like Drupal or Joomla with no interactive features and no RSS feeds.

the City of Yarra is planning to improve its website

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