I met up with some fellow food bloggers recently for a Friday evening of five cocktails with matching food at Cafe Vue. In her review Jess is critical of the event, and her points are valid, but I thought it was good value for $75 and it was a most enjoyable experience because of the company and the refreshments. The drinks were brandy based but this was barely noticeable. You could just as easily say they were all fruit flavoured.

vue1 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

Ed, fresh from writing 11 ways to spot a food wanker, had put a fatal fear of using flash in public into Jess and I and as a result we struggled to capture the vibrant colours of the drinks and the food. I agree with Jess that the lavender flavour of the Contessa (below) was overpowering, but the accompanying artichoke three ways (foam, liquid and paste) was fabulous.

I am keen to read what Claire has to say.

vue2 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

The Cobbler’s Dream (above) had a hint of aniseed and was refreshing and would be fantastic in summer. The tuna tacos (below) were delicious. I liked the combination of the sweet caramelised corn taco with the raw tuna.

vue3 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

The third course was a Hop Toad, which was foamy on top. By now I was comfortably silly and experimenting with the limited ambient light from the street outside, macro settings and ridiculous camera angles.

vue4 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

The with mini pork pie floaters were topped with quail eggs and the pea floater part was a pea puree. The eggs were rather rubbery. Unlike the others I liked the pastry, which was short and full of parmesan, but then I do admit to being addicted to pastry. This was perhaps the least plausible taste combination. The pastry overwhelmed the drink.

vue5 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

The forth course was my favourite. The potent Palinka was matched with whipped brie profiteroles that were cheesy and salty. The Palinka featured a cherry wrapped in dehydrated orange skin that was intense to nibble on. The sour and salty combo really worked for me.

vue6 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

vue7 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

Before and after biting into a profiterole.

vue8 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

The final course was dessert. As a standalone drink the Flip off the devil was perhaps the best, lemony with a warming touch of cardamon.

vue9 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

The cardamon in the drink got intimate with the chocolate mousse, which overpowered the pear and powdered orange it was hidden under.

vue10 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

Jess (below) and I spent too much time fiddling with our cameras but we were all having fun, and it was great to meet Suzanne for the first time. The conversation ranged from food to twitter, which restaurants don’t pay their staff, why disabled toilets are good for having sex in, who had the smallest camera and how absurd it is that we all have to work, which is such a distraction from being new media darlings.

vue11 cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

Despite different palates we agree on not taking this palava too seriously…

cocktail degustation at Cafe Vue

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  • 17 June 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Hey, you also win the prize for having the most unfavourable photo of me.

    • 17 June 2009 at 6:06 pm

      It’s ok – I have much worse photos of other people!


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